Young Professionals Group of Cenla Seeks Nominations to Recognize Community Leaders

CENLA 4WARD is a new under-40 recognition program for the community.

The program is facilitated by the Young Professionals Group of Cenla and the Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Secretary for the YPG Leadership Board Sarah LaBorde says, “This program is kinda of a revitalization of the 20 under 40 that used to be done, and 2017 was the last year, so we kinda revamped it, rebranded it, a little bit and really wanted it to be a reflection of our community and our community’s values.”


Sarah LaBorde says the CENLA 4WARD program is a way for the public to recognize community leaders in the area.

“So being able to step up and acknowledge the people who are doing the work and giving back to our community and making an impact on the people around them is something that is really special because they deserve to be celebrated and they deserve to be thanked for all the work that they’re doing.”


Sarah LaBorde is grateful to be a part of the Young Professionals Group of Cenla.

“And it has just been the best community I’ve found, you know, it’s people who want to be involved, they want to make a difference and they genuinely enjoy being around each other and welcoming people within that community as well so I’m really proud to be a part of YPG.”


President of the Young Professionals Group of Cenla Caitlin Chelette encourages others to join YPG to network and build relationships.


“It’s done wonders for making those connections that you need on the job, and you can pick up the phone and call somebody and say, “Hey I need some help.” They’re there to help you and that’s invaluable.”


Caitlin Chelette says YPG Is proud to spotlight a difference maker in the community.

“We’re excited to highlight those young people in our area that are doing big things, that are being those movers and shakers, so we’re excited to recognize those people in December.”


Nominees must work or reside in Central Louisiana, be 39 years old or younger, and make industry and community impact.

Make sure to get your nominations in before September 15th.  The results will be announced in November. For more information on how to nominate a community leader, visit


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