Wreaths Across America Ceremony Honors Fallen Veterans

Our service members sacrifice their time and safety to preserve our freedoms.

There is no better time to express our appreciation than during the holiday season.


Wreaths Across America organizes wreath-laying ceremonies to remember fallen soldiers.

Location Coordinator Stephanie Stuckey says, “It’s an honor to me to be able to come out each year, we work throughout the year, so it’s a very humbling experience to be out here, following this tradition and recognizing our veterans each and every year.


AmVets Commander Post 7 Kelly Mcfarlain says veteran organizations work diligently to keep the tradition alive.

“The biggest thing for us is making sure every grave gets a wreath. There are over 8,000 that are buried here. This year we raised enough money to have about right at 1600 wreaths so in my opinion, we still have a lot of work to do.”


Mcfarlain says he teaches his son to participate in the wreath ceremony.

“Well, he’s got half his baseball team out here, kids he plays ball with. They’re all out here, presenting wreaths so it’s a good thing. It’s very good for the community, all the way around, I think it’s awesome.”


He is proud to see his son understand the importance of honoring the military.

Braxten McFarlain says, “To say thank you and for all the sacrifice and service they gave us for a free country and it kinda relates back to my family because they’ve served too and saying thank you to them also.”


Every wreath represents a loved one who will never be forgotten.

Donations are encouraged through the Wreaths Across America website.