Water Off in Wardville

The main water line at 501 Ray Street, which serves the greater Wardville area, is being repaired at this hour. Approximately 800 homes will be out of water service and will be under a boil advisory once water is restored. Water service should be restored by the end of the day. A typical boil advisory is less than 48 hours.
Roads affected include Walnut, Dupree, Radio, Clark, Bayou Maria, Desoto, Lambert, Cedar Lane, Orchard Loop, Pryor, Wadley, Barron, Prince, Hickory, Bragg, Armstrong, Hillsdale, Johnson, Crepe Myrtle, Ward, Emma, Sexton, Westbrook, Elm, Arkansas, Iles and Ruth streets. Please call the Water Department at 449-5688 if you have any questions