Walmart, Sam’s Club and The Food Bank of Central Louisiana’s “Fight Hunger, Spark Change” campaign aims to achieve big impact toward hunger relief

Many people know where their next meal will come from while others worry if they will have enough to get through the week.According to the U.S.Department of Agriculture one in eight Americans in communities across the u.S. Struggle with hunger including over 68,000 locals in central Louisiana. Thanks to the fight hunger, spark change campaign, the food bank of Central Louisiana, Walmart and Sams club locals are now able to help fight the war on hunger in the community. This is Sams club first time to participate in the campaign, hoping that it will add to their impact towards hunger relief.Linda  Hutson   of  the  Central Louisiana  Food bank   explained “This year there including the sam’s club across the countries as well so from now until may 20th the food banks across the country get money to purchase from customers and also donate on line”.  Niresha Dillard of Sams club says it feels great to be a part of a campaign that can change people lives. Over the last five years this campaign has reached over 700 million meals .The feeding America network goal is to reach 1 billion meals overall.