Veterans of Foreign Wars Strive to Solve Veterans’ Issues

The Veterans of Foreign Wars held a news conference to discuss veterans’ issues.

The Senate passed historic legislation to expand eligibility for VA health care to veterans exposed to burn pits.

Other issues veterans face are suicide ideations and homelessness.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs Joey Strickland knows what it’s like to deal with post-traumatic stress.

He feels it is important to help veterans who deal with suicide ideations.

He started the Veterans Suicide Summit to encourage and support these veterans.


General Counsel of the Veterans of Foreign Wars John Muckelbauer works to give veterans the benefits they deserve.

The VFW helped push the issue of toxic exposure to open air burn pits.

He is grateful the senate passed the law to protect those who have been exposed.


Shantrece Hooker is the first female black Commander at her post.

She joined VFW to help women veterans.

She is grateful to get involved at VFW to decrease homelessness.


The VFW strives to provide resources for veterans.

They have a whole team of veterans who are passionate about supporting each other.


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