Veteran K-9 Lost to Illness


Alexandria police are mourning the loss of a beloved K-9 service dog named Ricco. He was rushed to the LSU Veterinary Hospital, but died from a tumor on his spleen.  Police credit him with helping to seize more than a 1/2 million dollars of drugs, catching felons and visiting local schools to enjoy the attention of children.

Press Release – On Sunday, 2/07/2015, A.P.D. lost a valuable member of our family. K-9 Ricco, an active-duty dual-purpose patrol dog, was suddenly stricken ill on February 3rd , was rushed to LSU Veterinarian Hospital and on February 5th he succumbed to a tumor on his spleen at the age of 8.

Ricco 2RICCO was a Belgian Malinois Shepherd born in Holland. He was acquired by APD in 2010 at which time he and his partner, Cpl. K. Mouliere joined forces. Mouliere, already an experienced K-9 Handler at the time, said “we were a perfect fit from day one.” In fact Mouliere says, “the minute Ricco came strutting into the room among other dogs to be reviewed, I smiled and said, ‘that’s my new partner.’”

RiccoIn the five years Ricco served our City, he was responsible for the seizure of over $500,000 worth of illegal narcotics (including a 6lb. cocaine seizure, with a street value of $250,000). Ricco also located several fleeing and hiding felons in areas ranging from the return air duct of a residence to buried deep in the woods. Among Ricco’s favorite activities was visiting our local schools where he usually received the unbridled love and attention that children offered.

Not only did APD lose a valued member, and Cpl. Mouliere lose a partner of five (5) years, but also, the Mouliere’s lost a family member as well. Cpl. Mouliere says “the entire Mouliere family is heartbroken with the loss of Ricco. It was truly an honor and pleasure to know and work with him.”