Vehicle Career Day Transforms the Minds of Students in Rapides Parish

Schools in Rapides Parish put a new twist on Career Day to motivate kids to explore future careers.

Students tell us what they love most about Vehicle Career Day.


They loved interacting with dogs at the grooming mobile station.

4th grader Zaya Rosenthal says, “I like how you can take care of the pets and you’re able to paint their nails.”

5th grader Zania Barber says, “I love them because sometimes when you have no one to talk to, you can talk to them, or you can walk them outside or play with them if you don’t have nobody to play with.”


Each vehicle station taught students something new.

4th grader Zhiveena Green says, “My favorite activity was the helicopters with the state policemen because it was so much fun because you had to learn about how helicopters fly and how to change them.”


KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Today is Vehicle Career Day, and the kids are learning about different careers, and they are having so much fun.”

Alma Redwine Special Education Teacher Stephanie Ford says, “I feel like it’s important for our kids to know at an early age the different type of careers they have, the vehicles that go with the careers, it’s never too early to instill in our kids what they need to start thinking about what they need to do when they grow up.”

One student says he wants to be a bodybuilder in the Army when he grows up. Zhiveena Green says she wants to be a lawyer.


S.W.A.T Team Member B. Butler demonstrated to students some of the equipment they use to defend themselves.

“Yes, this is our entry ballistics vest and some of the gear we need when we go inside structures.”

6th grader Jaylen Coaston says, “I really like helping the community and stopping crimes, from people getting hurt so that’s why I want to be on the S.W.A.T. Team.”


Stephanie Ford says it is important for adults to lay down the foundation for kids to build on.

“It’s very important for me to do this. I love doing this. I love getting the community involved because our community plays a very important role in educating our kids.”


The Transformation Team is dedicated to expanding the minds of students and can’t wait for their next event.