Update on Amphitheater Project in Downtown Alexandria [PHOTOS]

Alexandria, La. (June 23, 2020) — Background work necessary for construction of a new band shell cover and other improvements to the Amphitheater located along the Red River in downtown Alexandria continues to progress.

“We are very excited about this improvement project for our riverfront area, which we envision as being a destination attraction for the downtown area for everything from live shows and events to a place people can simply get some quiet time and relax,” said Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “We are grateful to the Red River Waterway Commission for providing the bulk of the funding for this important project, and we are working carefully to ensure those dollars are used wisely to create the best possible experience for our residents and visitors to Alexandria.”

Prior to beginning physical construction of the cover, which is expected to start in the Fall and take approximately one year to complete, a number of engineering studies needed to be completed and permits granted. Most of that work has been completed, according to City officials working on the project.

In addition, the City worked with an acoustical consultant, who recommended a number of design changes to ensure the new band shell will provide patrons the highest quality sound performance for everything from speeches and choir performances to full concert performances with professional sound systems and light shows.

As a result of the acoustical review, the design of the band shell was modified slightly, with the roof tilted an additional 15 degrees to achieve optimum sound performance and ensure sound is properly directed to the audience while minimizing sound turbulence and distortions on the performance stage.

Plans also call for the facility to offer a specific House Set-up as well as a Road Show set-up. The House Set-up will be designed to cater to events featuring normal speech, choir performances and amateur-level musical performances with or without an additional sound system. The Road Show Set-up, on the other hand, will include additional sound, lighting and power infrastructure to facilitate performances by professional entertainers who typically have specialty lighting and sound equipment.

In addition to the band shell cover, other improvements in the project include new entranceways to the Amphitheater as well as improved access to the area with Z ramps going up the levee.


COA Band Shell: This is an artist rendering of the current design for the band shell cover for the Alexandria Amphitheater stage.

COA Riverfront – Amphitheater: This is an artist rendering of the current design for the Alexandria Amphitheater stage.

COA Riverfront – Z Walkway Terrace: This is an artist rendering of the current design for terraced walkways at the Alexandria Amphitheater.