Undefeated Many Tigers preparing for first state title since 2014

“This is why you work so dang hard, this is why you commit yourself to being here in the summer and rolling through the punches of a COVID pandemic. We’re just excited that championship week is here.”

The Many Tigers aren’t new to this, they’re true to this.

After their loss in last year’s state title game, they felt as though they’ve played their worse game in a handful of years… and then, #UnfinishedBusiness was born, adding fuel to their fire.

We left the Superdome last year with a bad taste in our mouth. We felt like we played the worst game of football probably in the last five or six years. That happens… and you own it, you fix it and you don’t let it defeat you. You don’t waste failures, you get better. It’s driven us all year long to get us back to championship week.”

Many returned last week after a 7-week home game drought and they definitely made a statement. They held General Trass to 36 points after a dropping 83 of their own, making it their highest scoring game of the season.

Curtis says that he can credit some of that explosiveness to those early dropped playoff games (#32 Varnado, #16 South Plaquemines) where they were forced to get back to the basics and focus on the little things.

“I would’ve liked the game action. We worked on a lot of basics and worked on a lot of little things you overlook sometimes getting ready for a ball game. I think that’s helped us especially on the offensive side. We’re starting to play our best football at the right time.”

So far, an undefeated season sounds nice but to the Tigers, it wont mean much without the icing on the cake.

Not only does a championship season mean a lot for this program, but also for their community.

“That’s all they expect around here. I can’t go to Wal-Mart, I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me wanting to know if we’re going to win state. It’s all they expect. Semi-finals is “small beans” to them. They want a state championship, nothing less.”