Two Central Louisiana Schools Named Comeback Campuses

Two Central Louisiana schools have been awarded as a Louisiana Comeback Campus having an increased percentage of students scoring master and above on the statewide assessment.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey spoke with a student about how her school is preparing her for her future.

“These past couple of years our guidance councilor Ms. Daigle she really spearheaded the effort for our duel enrollment program here at Northwood and that’s really allowed me to have the opportunity to graduate with an associates degree from Northwood through LSUA and I wouldn’t have had that opportunity otherwise.”

Northwood High School Senior Emily Waits says being able to earn an associates degree while in high school has jump started her future.

“Well it really helps give me a head start on whenever I go to college and it helps me prepare for college as well about the coursework and kind of self-discipline I’ll need past high school.”

Northwood is one of two schools to be designated a comeback campus, having an increased percentage of students scoring mastery and above on the statewide assessment, decreased percentage of students scoring unsatisfactory on the assessment and increased ACT scores.  Waits is proud that her school received this distinction.

“It’s been a great honor and privilege for us to receive that recognition from the state and the school board.  I think it really shows all the hard work we have put in to our academic improvements and success here at Northwood.”

Quintina Timoll with the Louisiana Department of Education was at Northwood to honor their achievement.

“And so they are one of 41 schools throughout the state to be recognized and identified as a Louisiana Comeback Campus, so from the state we’re here just to celebrate them.”

Timoll says Northwood is bucking the trend of academic decline.

“For Northwood it means that they everyday are making a very intentional decision about teaching and learning in their building.  They are growing students despite what we’ve heard about our academic recovery efforts or just our academic decline with students.  Here they are on track they’ve had growth for two years and they’re continuing to see growth in their students.”

Martin Park Elementary is the other Central Louisiana school to be named a comeback campus.