Turkey Prices Increase For Thanksgiving at Local Meat Market

According to the US Department of Agriculture, nearly 50 million turkeys have been infected and died on farms because of the bird flu.

A local meat market tells us how they have dealt with the turkey shortage.


Manager at Fresh Mac’s Market Lance Young says the price in turkeys have increased because fewer turkeys are available this year.

“A lot of birds have been put down, so the cost has gone up a little bit, but they’ve still been available. I guess that happened more than six months ago, so it’s been enough time for them to raise new turkeys. So far, we’ve been able to handle it pretty good.”


Young says turkey supplies have not affected sales despite the shortage.

“We’ve been told that if we need to order any large orders, then we need to check with the warehouse to make sure it can be set aside for us but otherwise, we haven’t had any difficulties in getting any turkeys for the season.”


With more people preparing for the holidays, he says business at fresh mac’s remains in good shape.

“First half of the year was a little bit tougher. This half of the year we’ve seeing some increases. It seems like people are doing a lot more shopping, a little bit more cooking at home. Our owners have done a very good job out of concern for the community to make sure that they keep our prices as low as possible.”


Young wants to make sure families can purchase what they need during Thanksgiving.

Turkey prices continue to rise nationally so shop at your local meat market to save money.