Tioga Jr. High Amazing Shake Competition Teaches Students Career and Life Skills

Tioga Junior High School takes pride in preparing their students for the future.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how their annual competition challenges their students.


A strong handshake sets the tone for trust in the workplace.

Tioga Jr. High Student James Minor says, “The amazing shake is awesome, you learn how to be professional, and the things that you learn, you can use them in your real life when you’re an adult.”


The Amazing Shake Competition exposes students to different careers.

Minor says, “I’m a very nervous person when talking to people I don’t know so it’s really about remaining calm, taking deep breaths, and just get to know your emotions and get to cope with them.”


Students learn you never get a second chance at a first impression.

Zoi Neuman says, “I’ve grown through this Amazing Shake Competition from the start to right now where I’m standing, through passion and confidence and courtesy.”


In the Gauntlet, they network with business leaders at 9 stations.

Ke’Niya Hardison says, “If you really get into it, it could really help you in the future and it’s really, really fun.”


In a group “on-air” interview, judges test their conversation skills and the top three finalists won cash prizes.

On winning the contest, Lyric Greenhouse says, “Excited, very excited, I feel very overwhelmed kind of and excited.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford asked her: “What advice would you give to the other contestants, you know, that were involved in this competition?”

Greenhouse says, “I would say that confidence is key and to being yourself also. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like who you are. Everybody else is going to like who you are, you just have to be yourself and be true to yourself.”


Every student can use these skills and apply it to life.

Second Place Winner Charlie Carter says, “It feels really good. At first, I didn’t want to do the competition, but then I pushed myself to do it because I was really scared cause I’m not really good at talking to people so this really opened me up and I’m very happy I made second because I didn’t think I was going to do it.”


Now students will walk into an interview and shake hands with confidence.

Next year, the Amazing Shake Competition will expand to Brame and Forest Hill Middle Schools.

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