Tioga Jr. Braves Coach Travis Racine for Coach Spotlight

Tioga Junior High wants to recognize their football coach for an undefeated season.

Each year his team wins the Junior High League Championship.

Coach Travis Racine is the PE teacher, track team coach, and volunteers at Red River football.

His players love him and look up to him as a father figure.


Tioga Braves Head Football Coach Travis Racine works hard to be a positive role model for his players.

“They just make every day special, it feels good to try to influence them in a positive manner.”


He says he is proud to show them how to be leaders.

TJH Running Back Justin White says, “He’s such a great coach. To me, Coach is like another father. I don’t have my father so I would look to Coach as another father for me. That’s how much he impacts me.”


In their first five games this season the Tioga Braves outscored their opponents with 5 games left on the schedule.

Travis Racine says, “Football is the fun part about it because you get to do the blocking and the tackling. They usually start that at a younger age at Red River Youth Football League and we just build off of that so those are things that make them great football players.”


He is dedicated to teaching them that you are only as strong as the team you create.

TJH Outside Linebacker Kaston Morrison says, “The two years he’s coached me, best two years of my life. If I could relive these two years, I’d 100 percent would. I’m just so thankful that I got to play with him, and he makes me so happy I got to come to this school.”


Tioga Braves Head Football Coach Travis Racine says, “I’d like them to learn a good work ethic, how to be patient, and to be winners in life, not in just football.”


The Tioga Braves are 5-0 now and only two teams have scored against them. They are ready to continue their winning streak.

Support the Tioga Braves when they take on Waverly on Saturday, October 1st.