TikTok School Threats Not Credible

Alexandria, La. (Dec. 17, 2021) – The Alexandria Police Department has become aware of a nationwide TikTok trend threatening violence at every school in the United States today, December 17. These threats are vague, anonymous shooting and bomb threats being made on TikTok that officials say are not credible.


The challenge encourages students to call in threats of shootings, bomb threats and general threats of violence against schools on December 17. As of right now there are no known credibility to these threats, and none of our local schools have received any threats of this nature. All of our local schools are open today though some may choose to enforce lockdown throughout the school day out of an abundance of caution. There is no need to check out or send home your child from school today.


While there is no reason to believe any of our schools are in any danger, please know we take all threats seriously and will take action when necessary to ensure the continued safety of our school communities. Our highest priority continues to be the safety of our citizens and to ensure that any and all threats are fully investigated and handled appropriately. The mission of the Alexandria Police Department is to provide safety and security to all of Alexandria and especially our schools by being responsive to their needs during all times, but especially from now through the end of business today. Parents and students can expect to see our officers checking in with the staff of our schools and displaying general visibility around all of our schools.


We ask that parents, students, and staff members stay vigilant and that they report anything that they may see online, on social media, or anywhere else as it pertains to our schools. We encourage parents to talk to students and encourage safe and responsible social media practices.


As always- if you see something, say something and let your Alexandria Police Department know about it.