The Menard Eagles adjust to new changes

“They’ve been very rough. I feel like we haven’t had anything this bad since I’ve been here.”

All new everything at the Eagles nest (almost).

Holy Savior Menard welcomed a new head coach, Justin Charles, to the team along with some new faces to the staff.

Charles says he’s been blessed with a new group of guys and and thankful for their winning mindset.

“It’s a different outlook. Different type of kids. But these kids have a great mindset, they work their behinds off and the Lord blessed me with a great group of seniors and juniors and freshman that are coming up and sophomores. So, I can’t complain about much.”

“It’s been really smooth honestly. We like him, he likes us. It’s going great. I love the coaches and everything so it’s going great for me.”

Running back, Javarus Fisher, says the bar for high expectations have been set early especially since the team was in constant contact during the off period.

“It’s different this year so we come out and do different things. We run more and workout at the same time. He has higher expectations so we come out here and try to give our best.”

As the veterans, the guys mention that one big lesson for the younger guys is to be appreciative of what they have and to work harder for what you want.

For instance, a new locker room.

“To appreciate what you have because Coach Charles renovated the whole locker room and it is nice. It’s gives a lot more of a winning mentality and everything seems like we want to be better than before.”