The City of Alexandria Reports to Citizens about Where We Stand on 100-Day Goals for Basic Services and Opportunity

Alexandria, Louisiana —“Public safety is a basic service; it is a fundamental civil right,” Mayor Jacques Roy has stated with
regard to how Alexandria must see the community. “Well run basic services, cost-effective dependable utilities, and real
commitments to infrastructure are the key elements of a City’s success,” continued Mayor Roy. “In a short time, 100 days,
we have restored electricity security to our ratepayers, cleaned out a massive amount of drainage and diversion bodies,
and ‘just plain’ cleaned up trash around the City. We have completed our plans, on time, to get the City ready for
opportunities—stand by for our post 101-day plans.”
Chief Administrative Officer, Kay Michiels, cautioned, “While we are proud of the unprecedented successes of our team
and city employees in the first 100 days, we are not ready to celebrate. We have successfully triaged and have our arms
around city operations, yet much remains to be done to provide our citizens the first-class services and public safety they
deserve. We commit to continue our unrelenting efforts on their behalf and look forward to day 101 and every day after.”

1. Operation Cleanout 2.0 budgeted, commenced, and documented with the need for a few more months because
of weather delays. View our progress on city social media.

2. Project RESTOR was set up to aid at least 3,500 households to overcome this extraordinary financial challenge
through a public-private funded assistance pool. In short, it has been a pleasure to work with citizens.

3. Commenced and made initial stakeholder decisions regarding our new energy and capacity resourcing plan for
the city’s current energy (electric and natural gas) risk profile.
March 15, 2023

4. Completed and modified the functionality and performance of the city’s meter reading and utility billing assets;
completed strategic operations plan to bring 100+ day billing cycles to under 30 days.

5. Created the RFP to begin design of technical upgrades and specifications to fully automate the city’s meter
reading functions by June 2024. Met with several top AMR companies.

6. Reviewed and made necessary changes to the current Utility Capital Projects Budget for backlogs, capital
improvements, operating status of D.G. Hunter Units 5-11, and staffing shortages in Electric Distribution, Gas,
Water, and Wastewater operations.

7. Completed reviews of staffing needs and succession and training plans; the Utility Division’s emergency
operations plan and resources to ensure timely restoration of service in the event of natural disaster or other
significant operational impairments; and compliance with law.

8. Fixed busing issues; met with local officials about workforce transit planning.

9. Picked up the trash!

10. Met with local officials and examined data on euthanasia and animal practices; much more to do here!

11. Re-established city-wide grantsmanship.

12. Reviewed and updated development and zoning; reorganized leadership of division.

13. Studied land banks and “dusted off” our AURA plan toward modern lank bank planning.

14. Re-established the Recreation plan; updated the existing detailed plan of work.

15. Met with Interfaith; meeting with all neighborhood watch heads; met with the superintendent of schools; met
with and working on expansion with Blue Cliff College.

16. Commenced ministerial alliance plan and completed initial agenda and plan of work.

17. Restructured and completing new organization and resource plan for IT departments.

18. Reviewed all memoranda of understanding-Intergovernmental Agreements (“MOU-IGA”) and completed multiday round up of cooperative endeavors, their public purposes, and assessment of deliverables.

19. Commenced audit of the entire city, not limited to the budget, but including provision of service, losses, program
efficacy, retirement system, provision of legal services, waste, provision of engineering services, and planning.

20. Completed review and making structural changes to vacancies and pay planning.

21. Revoked executive orders and policies regarding traffic ticketing investigations and similar intrusions into
personal, non-work-related, inconsequential private matters with employees; and review all claims of retaliation
for decisions and mediation.

22. Re-established team for Diversity in Action and created the Nehemiah Initiative.

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