Texas Girl Sets World Planking Record

plankingrecordA ten-year-old girl from Texas has set a new world record for planking. Darian Mansfield planked for one hour, 20 minutes, and 14 seconds.

It all began with a planking contest last Thursday at her gym, where she takes gymnastics.   A bunch of girls, including Darian, took part. While other girls gave up, she stayed in the plank pose. And stayed. And stayed…

“I was actually working out in the gym, and they came and got me and said she just, she’s about to beat the world record and I came over and watched
it and everybody was cheering. It was really cool,” says Jason Mansfield, Darian’s father.

Darian says, “I just decided, once I realized how long I was actually going and I wasn’t hurting a lot to try to go for the world record.”

Darian watched Scooby Doo episodes to keep going. And she says she could have planked for even longer.

Click here to watch the complete unedited footage of the live webcast that allowed hundreds of people from across the world to watch Gabi and the 100+ people supporting her on site during her record-breaking attempt.

KLAX ABC 31 News 9/3/14