Teacher Allegedly Hits High School Student in Iberia Parish

A teacher allegedly hitting a student at Jeanerette Senior High School is caught on tape. Kari Beal of KATC, Lafayette, investigates.

KATC reached out to the Iberia Parish School System. The superintendent, Dale Henderson, says he was unaware of the charges, but depending on the outcome of the trial, they will act accordingly.

Brown’s pretrial hearing is set for June 19th.

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/4/14

One thought on “Teacher Allegedly Hits High School Student in Iberia Parish

  • June 4, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    I just don’t believe the teacher would just hit the student for nothing. Has anybody actually thought about the kid might have pushed the teacher to a breaking point? Everybody has a breaking point. Students should not be allowed to get away with pushing buttons trying to make someone explode. Some kids seem to think they can act any way they want any where they want. If teachers could still discipline student like they could when I was in school it probably wouldn’t have gone that far. Their hands are tied as to what they can do. Society is raising a bunch of kids who have no self control, no manners, no respect for other people then sending them to a public school and telling teachers “you have to just grin and bare the abuse from these kids”. I have home schooled all my children because I would even think about putting them in the public school system. Not because of the teachers, but because I don’t want them around kids such as the one that got hit.

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