Tanker Topples Over Near Boyce, Closing Interstate

tankeroverturnedAn 18-wheeler overturns near Boyce and leaks jet fuel–forcing a shutdown of the interstate.

It happened not long before noon this morning, just north of here. An 18-wheeler turns over in the median of the interstate, and the jet fuel begins to leak out, triggering an emergency closure of the 4-lane artery between Alexandria and the Flatwoods exit.

This created a lot of congestion, and traffic had to be rerouted along Highway 1, north and south. State police took the lead in detouring traffic, answering questions and investigating what happened.

Highway officials at first said it would take a couple of hours to reopen the interstate, but later determined it could be until further notice. They say the spill has been extensive, which means that HAZMAT teams are usually called in to handle the cleanup.

If you’re planning a trip on the interstate in that area, you’re advised to go to www.511LA.org for the latest information on the road closures and detours.

KLAX ABC 31 News 5/1/15