Super Bowl Champion Malcolm Mitchell Encourages Readers to Be Leaders

Super Bowl Champion Malcolm Mitchell has made it his mission to inspire young people to read.

He travels to different schools to improve literacy among students.


Alexandria Middle Magnet was proud to invite Malcolm Mitchell to motivate students to read.

Principal of Alexandria Middle Magnet Renisha Beaudion says, “We’re doing the Reader to Leader Program here. That’s what he’ll be talking to our students about. He’s chosen four ambassadors that’s going to build that leadership capacity that will ultimately spill off into the whole student body.”


Founder of Share the Magic Foundation Malcolm Mitchell created an interactive experience to get students involved.

“So, I want to come in here and share things that are true, that with accountability, managing mistakes, and reading, you do have a greater chance of getting where you want to be at in life.”


He asked them questions about different topics ranging from pop culture to college.

News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “By raising this paddle, students were able to express their opinions and learn why reading is so much fun.”


His goal is to empower students to value themselves and each other.

“Well, one their opinion matters, I want them to think. I want them to be presented with a challenge, be presented with information, have to think critically about it, and then share their opinion, but also hear the opinions of other people because that’s important too. And that was my desire of giving them the microphone instead of me holding it the whole time.”


Student ambassadors were honored to help him inspire students.

Student Ambassador Madison Culbert says, “And it makes me feel like I feel good about myself, makes me feel like I’m special.”


Mitchell taught students how to listen and learn from each other.

Student Ambassador Camille Hamilton says, “Helping other students learn to love to read is good because especially whenever you see how it already changed someone’s life.”


Through the program, he taught them the power of reading.

Student Ambassador Jiden Gilbert says, “I love reading because you need reading for anything so learning to read in my school, it just helps me out knowing that I’m kinda set for life because I can do anything when I read.”

He hopes to expose them to the world of reading and help them to believe in themselves.

Malcolm Mitchell will continue his Share the Magic Reading Tour until January 27th.