Summer Workout Series: Northwood High Gators

With a young roster coming up, the Northwood High Gators are doing all that they can to be better than before.

Even with the hottest temperatures of the year in the mix, that doesn’t stop them from putting on the pads, strapping on the helmets and tying up the cleats.

In the upcoming season, the Gators’ new head coach, Justin Webb, mentions that this group of guys will bring more pride to the school.

“There’s not been a lot of pride out here but with this group you can see it in their eyes. It’s very refreshing to come out here and see these guys get better everyday.”

The Gators have been almost non-stop preparing for this season. They’ve been conditioning since late-November in the weight room to get stronger and began getting back to the gridiron after.

Of course, they have their weaknesses to work on but senior running back and linebacker, Dayton Beebe, says that their loyalty to the game and to each other is what keeps them high in spirits.

“We’re a real strong team, with everyone’s commitment.”