Summer Workout Series: Holy Savior Menard Eagles

This week’s Summer Workout Series features the Holy Savior Menard Eagles.

Finishing their previous season second ranked in their district, the Eagles are hungry for more. Settling, is not an option.

“We need to stay more motivated. As seniors and the whole group, we need more leadership all around and just try to direct everybody to put out as much effort as we can”, says senior, Cody Crooks-Saucier.

Head Coach, Chris Gatlin believes that it doesn’t matter the position or minutes that one plays, he should strive to get better regardless.

“We press them to get better. So, whether the all-star player is pressing himself to get better and then the freshman that may never get on the field is pressing himself to get better. We feel like if we do that, then we instill that work ethic in them and  then they can improve.”

The Eagles are in the process of trying to fill vacant position such as quarterback and running backs. They are also transitioning into a new playing scheme this season.

In the meantime, the Eagles are practicing hard and looking ahead.

Their first game of the season (non-conference) is against Caldwell High.