Summer Workout Series: Buckeye High School

Finishing their last season at 3-7 and missing the playoffs, the Panthers are coming back for revenge.

Losing 14 seniors, the team has plenty of gaps to fill that will allow younger players multiple opportunities to prove themselves.

Head coach Jonathan Landry says, “We have an opportunity  for a lot of young kids this season to play and we been preaching to them all summer and all camp that there are opportunities out there. We’ve had several of them that have taken advantage of that opportunities and we’re excited about getting them on the field.”

What we can expect is all, if not most, players playing both sides of the ball — such as seniors, Andrew Dauzat and Trace Tuma. Dauzat stars in center and nose guard while Tuma specializes at guard and the linebacker position.

These guys explain that the team bond is a key element to their future success.

“We don’t (ain’t) got a lot of people, so we got to have the best bond we can to trust each other.”

So far, workouts have been going well for the Panthers. Landry says that the attendance at each practice has been great as well as the effort and that they’re excited for the upcoming season.