Summer Workout Series: Alexandria Senior High

It’s been 50 years for since the beginning of the ASH reign, but that’s only a small portion of the momentum.

Head Coach Thomas Bachman and his guys are looking for revenge.

DT Jacobian Guillory says its all about the grind.

“We’re getting through it, you know. Everyday we’re getting better and better so you know its a grind. Its truly and honestly a grind.”

Last season the Trojans (9-5) are so close to the quarterfinals. They fell to Ruston short of a point (61-60). However, all of that is in the past and the guys are only looking ahead.

The better of strengths from the team is the fact that they’re stacked on both sides of the ball.

“A lot of our defense is returning. We only lost a couple of linebackers and defensive lineman but a lot of our defense it returning. And our offense is a real big sleeper because you know we lost our big running back this year but our offense is a big sleeper so its good both ways.”

Bachman joined the crew coming from Bastrop High in 2015 so he’s not new to Trojan Territory but Guillory considers this year’s team under him as a “game changer”.

“Because we’ve come together and this is the class that started it all and not necessarily under Coach Bachman because he’s been here for a year before us but this class is like a game changer and that’s how I visualize this team.”

After I asked what will advance them to have a deeper run in the playoffs this year, the answer was simple.

“To not go home in the second round of the playoffs.”