Summer Art Camp


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Summer Art Camp

Looking for something fun and educational for kids this summer?
At AMoA’s Summer Art Camp, professional artists and art educators will guide your young artist as they create their own masterpieces!

9am – Noon: Campers 6-9 years old
1pm – 4pm: Campers 10 years old and up

“Popsicle Architects”
June 3-7   Instructor: Nancy Noles
This week’s class only – only afternoon classes 1pm-4pm for ages 6-12 years old
Campers will use simple wooden pieces, such as popsicle sticks and wood scraps, to create inspired architecture. Collaborate with fellow campers to create a unified model of a family-friendly neighborhood.

“Stop Motion Animation”
June 10-14   Instructor: Cindy Blair
Campers will become movie makers and learn the magic of animation, using puppets, drawings and other objects to create fun stop motion animation short films.

“Face It”
July 8-12   Instructor: Jason Gray
Campers will create self-portraits using printmaking, collage, drawing and painting. After practicing drawing the parts of the face, create Picasso-inspired masks from Styrofoam.

“Impressionable Impressions”
July 15-19   Instructor: Anne Reid
Experiment with various techniques and materials, including foam core, mat board, linoleum, and objects from nature, to create inventive printmaking impressions.

Questions? Call the Museum at (318) 443-3458.