Stations Off DirecTV

On Friday, February 22nd, DIRECTV decided to go against its “promise” to its customers, vowing that they would never be the ones who made a decision to remove local stations; it would only be done at the direction of station ownership.   The below email was sent to DIRECTV once they informed our company they were taking Northwest Broadcasting stations off their system.




Northwest Broadcasting has done everything possible to avoid having your television viewing disrupted. We hope that DIRECTV comes to its senses and carries the programming its customers want and pay for.

Northwest Broadcasting has been negotiating with DIRECTV for 15 months. Northwest has granted dozens of extensions as we made it our mission to negotiate a new programming contract with DIRECTV without disrupting their subscribers.

But, read the ‘DIRECTV PROMISE’ for yourself as stated on their website February 22, 2019.

DIRECTV wants to make sure you can always access any local stations serving your community and each of the ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX local affiliates.

When contract disputes arise over station owners’ unnecessary increases in what you should pay for these free over-the-air stations, DIRECTV will never remove them from your lineup. Period. Station owners may try to avoid their responsibilities to you but make no mistake: the station owners are the only ones who can decide to take away your local stations.

If you’re a DIRECTV customer, you need to decide if DIRECTV’s commitment to serving you, their customer is genuine or not.

Northwest Broadcasting will continue to do everything in its power to return our stations to the DIRECTV line-up.