Spring Myths

At last, the weather is getting warmer in many parts of the U.S. So we can finally enjoy spring.

Colorful flowers and green grass – that’s what spring brings, but it also means if you want to stay healthy, you have to watch out for the many myths of spring.

How about this one?  Indoor tanning is safer than tanning in the sun- false. Both are dangerous and if not done carefully can lead to developing Melanoma – the deadliest of skin cancers.  Outside – use sun screen, inside – don’t spend too much time on the tanning bed.

Here’s another – hot, cold, hot, cold. Swings in temperature is common this time of year, can invariably make us sick. This is an old wives tale that seems to make sense, but it is not true. What’s floating around in the air may be making you sick – like pollen in the spring.

Have you heard this? If you didn’t have allergies as a child, you won’t get them as an adult. Maybe – maybe not. When people move to different cities or regions they can develop allergies because they get exposed to new types of pollen.

And finally, people may think ticks aren’t an issue until summer.  Well, ticks are just like you – they come out when the weather gets warm so cover up, spray repellant and stay away from places ticks call home to prevent Lyme disease and other tick related illnesses.

– Courtesy Shelby Lin, INN News

April 24, 2013