Small businessman will run as an independent for Louisiana Governor

LAKE CHARLES, La. — Hunter Lundy, a Lake Charles small-business owner and attorney,
is announcing his candidacy for governor of Louisiana.
He is running as an independent. He is making the announcement by this formal
statement now and in a video to voters next week.
“Our government doesn’t trust us to know what we need. But we do,” he said. “I have
nothing in this politics game but a servant’s heart — and a stubborn desire to talk about things
that should be done. I’ll say things that should be said. And that’s what I’ll do.”
Hunter Lundy, 68, has been politically active in Southwest Louisiana for more than 25
years. He ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996 as a Democrat and narrowly lost the
runoff election to Congressman Chris John.
“When the campaign is over and if I’m your governor, I’ll say ‘I do,’ cancel the victory
party, call the Legislature into session and do exactly what I said I’d do during the campaign,’’
he said.
The election is Oct. 14. Gov. John Bel Edwards is term-limited from seeking reelection.
The last governor elected from Southwest Louisiana was the reformer Sam Houston
Jones, who was Louisiana’s governor during World War II.