Settlement reached regarding former Baton Rouge officer Blane Salamoni

Former Baton Rouge Police officer Blane Salamoni, who was fired from the Baton Rouge Police Department, will not be allowed to patrol the streets of the city again.

Baton Rouge Police Department Lawyer, Leo Hamilton, says that Salamoni has dismissed his appeal to return to employment. Including any claim for back pay and he is not receiving any compensation to settle and dismiss the case.

Salamoni is accused of killing Baton Rouge resident, Alton Sterling, outside of a convenience store in 2016. Sterling is said to have been selling CD’s outside of the store when he was approached by Salamoni and another officer and an altercation occurred leading to Sterling’s death.

The Baton Rouge Police Department has revealed that Salamoni had a domestic violence arrest before he became a law enforcement officer. And that arrest was not reported when he applied to be a police officer.

The department has addressed how Salamoni was even able to join the force with his previous arrest. Baton Rouge Chief of Police, Murphy Paul, says the department is not investigating how Salamoni was able to join the force, but they are looking into policies and procedures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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