Senator John Kennedy Visits Louisiana Christian University

The Rapides Business and Industry Alliance and the Chamber of Commerce brought Senator John Kennedy to LCU.

He believes in reforming Congress from the inside out.

Senator John Kennedy visited LCU today to discuss inflation, oil and gas prices, and the status of the VA hospital.

He is working hard to make things right in Congress.


Senator Kennedy believes in cutting taxes and providing job opportunities.

He wants to cut back spending and reduce overall debt.

Kennedy works on Energy and Water Development.

He stresses to Congress that they cannot get rid of oil and gas.

He believes it is an essential energy source.


He is fighting United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough to keep the VA hospital open.

He will not stop until the issue is resolved.


Several community leaders gathered to listen to what Kennedy had to say.

They were grateful to learn how much Kennedy cares and fights for Louisiana.

Senator John Kennedy continues to travel around Louisiana to speak to different universities.