Senate Select Committee on State Police Oversight Holds First Meeting

December 6, 2021 – Monday was the first meeting of the Senate Select Committee on State Police Oversight in Louisiana, and lawmakers heard from Colonel Lamar Davis of the Louisiana State Police. Colonel Davis gave an agency update, presenting updates on excessive force policy and procedures and use of force training improvements.
Senate President Page Cortez commented on the meeting, and said: “The creation of this oversight committee came about at the request of Senate members in order to find out what the agency has learned over the last few years, what they have done to change their policies and what, if any, bills that may need to be filed in the upcoming session in order to improve our agency.”
Committee Chairman Frank Foil said, “It is very important that the Legislative Branch periodically exercise its oversight authority over the Executive Branch in order to make sure that the Departments are operating properly and to make improvements to their operations. It is my priority to make sure that Louisiana State Police is the best agency it can possibly be for our citizens.”
Monday’s meeting was solely to hear Colonel Davis’ presentation; however, Chairman Foil will call another meeting scheduled tentatively on December 13th, 2021 to allow citizens to give their input. 

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