Senate negotiations continue concerning COVID 19 relief package

Lawmakers are working to find common ground after the Senate failed to advance the coronavirus relief package, now expected to reach close to $2 trillion.

After meetings into the early morning hours failed to produce an agreement on the massive coronavirus relief plan, members of Congress will reconvene at noon Monday in hope of approving the next phase of the agreement.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell had recommended the Senate reconvene Monday morning. but Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was having ongoing meetings with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and that he was hopeful of having an agreement by noon.

McConnell said he was concerned about the delay rattling the financial markets when they open Monday, but nevertheless adjourned Sunday’s marathon session and scheduled the Senate to be back in session at noon Monday.

The nearly $2 trillion plan is expected to provide broad financial relief to American families and businesses, including cast payments directly to individuals.

Senate Democrats on Sunday evening failed to back a procedural vote to advance the measure over concerns that it prioritizes corporations over individuals.