SECO Expo Helps Students Explore Career Possibilities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.7 million manufacturing workers will retire by 2030 and health care employment remains low since COVID.

The Rapides Foundation and the Orchard Foundation is working on increasing the CENLA workforce.


The Orchard Foundation is proud to bring back their Students Exploring Career Opportunities (SECO) Expo for 10th grade students.

Executive Director of the Orchard Foundation Marjorie Taylor says, “When they come to an event like this, we saw light bulbs go off in their heads and we see that interest that is sparked in different careers that they never would have thought otherwise.”

40 businesses created multiple exhibits and hands-on activities to educate students.


Menard High Student Camryn Harrison says she loved the challenge of building model homes.

“I stopped at the Roy O Martin booth because they called me over and they were like, women in manufacturing, it’s not really common but it’s really a good profession for people to go in. I think that, working together and building it, it really just made me like, problem solving and strategy, but it was fun though.”


Menard High Student Daryl Tran learned what tools healthcare providers use to save someone’s life.

“I have asthma of course and like, when you squeeze it, the lungs and you try to breathe in, it doesn’t allow you to breathe in fully when you’re having an asthma reaction.”


Bolton High Student Claina Henry says she enjoyed experiencing how the jaws of life worked.

“I’ve seen it in movies in action, so I wanted to actually get the feel of it and actually work it.”


At the SECO Expo, students gained valuable knowledge of what skills and training are necessary to pursue these career opportunities.

The career expo will continue November 17th at the Randolph Riverfront Center.