Sayes Office Supply Responds to Governor Edwards’ State of Emergency

Local businesses are reaching out to community organizations to help them recover from tornado damage.

Together, they are working to rebuild.


Owner Cindy Sayes lost everything when the tornado destroyed Sayes Office Supply.

“We have salvaged some things but what you can see here, this is pretty much all that has come from the warehouse that were able to salvage. By the grace of God, no one has been hurt. We can replace material things. Our wholesalers have reached out to us, our vendors, and you know, what can we do? Just tell us what we can do for you and we’re there.”


Sayes appreciates all the love and support she has received from the community.

“We have received so many texts, phone calls, and I’m going to tear up because it’s overwhelming to know what a passionate community we have.”


United Way has been working with state services to see who needs assistance.

CEO of United Way of Central LA Michelle Purl says, “We did have one that caused damage to two businesses and one home, and one state building that we’re getting reports from but it’s devastating any time it happens because tornadoes are one of those things that comes up out of the blue and catches up people unguarded.”


Cindy Sayes is grateful to Governor Edwards for offering state aid to local businesses.

“I can’t think of what I would need right now, but I think it’s an awesome gesture for the governor to do that.”

Her staff has restocked their products quickly thanks to local support.


For anyone affected by the tornado, contact United Way for assistance.