Sanders Sentenced to Death Row

class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-40481″ src=”” alt=”sanderssentenced” width=”500″ height=”280″ />A Las Vegas man tried in Alexandria Federal Court is headed to death row. A federal jury deliberated yesterday afternoon. It took them about an hour today to decide 57-year-old Thomas Steven Sanders shall die by lethal injection for the kidnapping and murder of a 12-year-old girl.

Sanders showed no emotion in the courtroom. He admitted to killing little Lexis Roberts and her mom Sue Ellen after they set out on a vacation. He directed authorities to the mom’s body in Arizona, and Lexis’ remains were found by hunters in Catahoula Parish almost four years ago.

The defense team had no statement and prosecutors say they will issue a statement at a later time.

This is the first death penalty case in the Western District of Louisiana.

KLAX ABC 31 News 9/26/14