Salvation Army Bell Ringers Volunteer to Give Back to the Homeless

Every year, the Salvation Army gives people the chance to bring joy to the homeless.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how the community can give back to those in need.


Kristin Guillory says volunteering as a bell ringer can be a rewarding experience.

“Whenever we see how blessed we are, how much time we get to spend time with our families, gifts and food galore for a lot of us, I think it’s important that we share some of that with everyone in the community.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Do you hear the ringing of that bell? That’s the sound of the giving spirit.”


Residents heard the call and gave money inside the red kettles.

Salvation Army Donator Wanda says, “We have so much going on in the world today and so much less fortunate people so when God blesses us, it’s our job to bless others.”


Lauren Laborde says she loved helping for a good cause.

“When I saw the opportunity was out there, I jumped at the chance to come out and spend a few hours volunteering for the homeless.”


Corps Officer of Salvation Army Tim Williford says these donations provide food and supplies to keep the shelter running.

“Our costs are going up, we have our food bills, the feeding at our shelter have increased dramatically, and it’s something that we are trying to keep ahead of.”


He says donations provide a safe place for the homeless.

“They end up where they don’t have a job, they don’t have a job, they can’t pay rent, they can’t buy food, they end up living on a bridge so we kinda forget sometimes that homeless people are human beings as well.”


As a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, you can make a difference in your community.

The Salvation Army has 8 locations in Alexandria and Pineville where you can donate.