Saints will use two-quarterback approach against Seahawks

With Saints QB, Drew Brees, undergoing thumb surgery, the obvious question of QB2 comes about.

Earlier today, head coach, Sean Payton, announced that both backups, Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill, will play at the quarterback position as they travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks.

Per ESPN’s Mike Triplett, he confirms Payton’s announcement as the team continues to evaluate the circumstance.

“Look, these guys have been here now two seasons. It’s just kind of taking a step back and looking at the things we want to do with those guys in the game and putting that plan in place this week in practice.”

Payton recognizes that placing Hill at quarterback at some point may affect his role at tight end and special teams but being placed as third quarterback doesn’t automatically place him as second in Brees’ absence.

“I think you do (have to monitor what Hill does in his other roles), and that’s you making the assumption he’s the No. 2,” he said. “We’ll approach this game with two quarterbacks and we’ll see where we’re at with it. We’ll have the right plan relative to what those guys are going to be doing.”

Brees who’s expected to have surgery today, will not be placed on the injury reserve list– where the minimum about of time to be placed is 8 weeks. This also depends upon how soon Brees will recover.

The Saints also signed quarterback, J.T. Barrett IV, to the practice squad on Tuesday.