Roy and Hayes Declare Alexandria Mayoral Candidacy

Alexandria will hold it’s next mayoral election on November 8th of this year and two candidates have thrown their hat in the ring. ABC 31 news’ Joel Massey has the story.

There are two new mayoral candidates for the city of Alexandria.  Former Mayor Jacques Roy and Non-Profit Executive Director Harry Hayes.  Roy has put up a Facebook page announcing his run and this is what it has to say:

“Like many cities, Alexandria is in trouble—crime is rampant, basic services are not being provided, and leadership has been unable to come together to offer solutions.

We can all agree we can’t continue down this path. Tough times demand a course change…

I’m running for Mayor again because I know together we can do better. We must do better to protect the home we love.

“With your help, we can make our city safer, clean up our streets, restore basic services, and expand economic opportunities … Join our campaign for a cleaner Alexandria. Join our campaign to build an Alexandria where people want to raise a family and start a business. Let’s re-imagine Alexandria, the place we call home, and make our city everything we know it can be—for all of us.”

Signs have popped up all over the city to coincide with Roy’s announcement.

In 2018 Mayor Roy announced he would not run for a fourth term.

Harry Hayes may be a new face to Alexandria residents.  He is the executive director of the moth corporation.  The MOTH corporation is an initiative that helps middle school students in the city.

Hayes’ Facebook post reads:

“When I see our city I see a city that is stagnant and it is stagnant because of a lot of the policies that we have in place”

He also released a Facebook video introducing himself to the voters.

“As a child growing up in Charles Park and a teenager down Lower Third.  Alexandria has always been my home regardless of where my journey has led.”

Hayes is new to politics while Roy is a veteran, but both candidates are seeking reforms to current policies.

We reached out to Mayor Roy today for a comment, but he did not get back to us before airtime.  A spokesman for mayor Jeff Hall’s office says that Hall plans to run again but he hasn’t yet made a formal announcement. A statement from Hall reads, “Right now we’re busy working, doing the day-to-day things we were elected to do. Other people are campaigning, but right now we’re working to serve the citizens of Alexandria as best we can.”