Cenla Road Closures Due to Flooding

The following roads around Central Louisiana have been closed due to flooding/high water.  For additional information, call (318) 561-5100 or (800) 542-3509 or 511 or visit www.511LA.org.

Interstate 10 at the Sabine River, near the Texas State Line, is now open to traffic in the east and westbound direction.

Rapides Parish: 

North side of Red River: Craig’s Path, Cotton Island Rd, Lee Bridge Rd, New Light Church Rd, Old Beaubouef Rd, and Paul Rd.
Ida Wells, Barney Rush, Elmus Paul, Barron Chapel, Denny Rod, Brannon Rd, Hazmuka Rd, Gunter Rd, Hickory Grove Loop, Newsome Rd, Blair Rd, Bohannon Rd, Libuse Cut Off Rd
**REOPENED** La 112 near Union Hill, from La 121 to Strother’s Crossing, Rapides Parish
LA 465, 3.5 miles West of its intersection with LA 121
LA 463 at LA 121 Junction
LA 121, 1.5 miles west of LA 112 Junction
La 623, 0.9 miles east of its intersection with US 165, for a length of 0.3 miles
LA 121: Closed from LA 461 Intersection, to just passed LA 463 Intersection
LA 1203 (Rigolette Road), 1 mile northwest of US 71 Intersection
Pineville Streets Closed: Dupree St, Riverfront St, Davis Dr, Lake St, Crepe Myrtle St, Barron St, Wayne St. Call 318-442-6603 with questions.

Catahoula Parish:

**REOPENED** LA 126 in Catahoula Parish, two miles north of LA 8
LA 124 in Catahoula Parish, from its intersection with LA 559 1 mile west
**Normal Operations Resumed** Operational hours for Duty Ferry will be limited to daylight hours 7:00 am to 6:00 pm until river conditions improve. Vehicles must detour using LA 124 West to LA 126 West to US 165 North to LA 4 East.
LA 3102 from 0.1 miles east at the Larto Lake Control Structure to end of maintenance

Grant Parish: 

LA 472; 0.5 miles South of LA 500 Intersection, Grant Parish
**REOPENED** LA 34; 1.4 miles East of US 71 Intersection, Grant Parish
**REOPENED** LA 500; 7.0 miles West of US 165 at the Intersection, Grant Parish
**REOPENED** US 167, south bound lanes, 0.7 miles south of the Winn Parish line, in Grant Parish
LA 500; 1.0 mile East of LA 1230 at the Intersection
**REOPENED** US 71, North of Colfax; from the South Intersection of LA 8 North, to its intersection with Lemoine Cutoff Rd
**REOPENED** LA 3098; .4 mile from the West Junction of LA 1230
**REOPENED** La 471: 5.8 miles north of US 71 Intersection, in Grant Parish
LA 492; .1.5 miles West of US 71
**REOPENED** US 165 Northbound & Southbound Lanes at the intersection of LA 502
**REOPENED** LA 1230, 2.1 miles west of the LA 3098 Intersection

Jackson Parish: 

LA 4; Between LA 34 and the Caldwell Parish Line

LaSalle Parish:

LA 770 in LaSalle Parish, from its intersection with LA 127
LA 125 in LaSalle Parish, 1 mile west of US 165
LA 124 in LaSalle Parish, approximately 1 mile east with its intersection of LA 506
**REOPENED** LA 124 in LaSalle Parish, approximately 2 miles west of LA 125
**REOPENED** LA 778 in LaSalle Parish
**REOPENED** LA 460 in LaSalle Parish, 0.5 mile east of LA 127
**REOPENED** LA 127 in LaSalle Parish, 1 mile north of LA 503
**REOPENED**  US 165, LaSalle Parish, North and Southbound lanes are closed immediately due to high water from its intersection with LA 500 to its intersection with LA 3259. Vehicles must detour using LA 8 to LA 127.
**REOPENED** LA 500 in LaSalle Parish, from Little River Bridge west to US 165
**REOPENED** LA 500 in LaSalle Parish, between Thacker Drive and Summverville Baptist Church Road (near Jena)
**REOPENED** LA 500 in LaSalle Parish betwee LA 778 and Zeagler Road (near Jena)
LA 125 in LaSalle Parish, between Tullos and Urania
**REOPENED** LA 503 in LaSalle Parish, between Thacker Drive and Summverville Baptist Church Road (near Jena)
**REOPENED** LA 127 in LaSalle Parish between Collage Avenue and Snody Road (Olla)

Natchitoches Parish:  

**REOPENED** LA 1 South Bound, Natchitoches Parish, is closed at LA 1 to the Intersection
**REOPENED** LA 6 East, Natchitoches Parish, is closed to the LA 1 Intersection
**REOPENED** LA 6 Business, Natchitoches Parish
**REOPENED** La 155, north of La 153 Intersection, in Natchitoches Parish
**REOPENED** La 153, 3.0 miles north of La 9 Intersection, in Natchitoches Parish
**REOPENED** La 3191, 0.25 miles north of La 6 Intersection
**REOPENED** La 504, 0.5 miles west of La 3191 Intersection
**REOPENED** La 493, at the La 1 Intersection, in Natchitoches Parish
**REOPENED** La 494, 4.0 miles east of La 1 Intersection, in Natchitoches Parish
**REOPENED** La 1226, at La 1227 Intersection, in Natchitoches Parish
LA 6; 3.3 Miles from US 71
LA 9; 3.3 Miles from US 71
**REOPENED** LA 1226 at the intersection of US 71
**REOPENED** LA 478, Just East of the I-49 Intersection
**REOPENED** US 84, closed at Saline Bayou, west side of Bridge
**REOPENED** La 485, 500 Feet East of the I-49 Intersection
LA-120, from LA-1 to the LA-478 Intersection
LA 478, 3.0 miles west of the I-49 Intersection
**CLOSED AGAIN** LA 1222, 2.0 miles from the LA 485 Intersection
**REOPENED** LA 120 at the north intersection of La. 6
LA 478 south of LA 120 Intersection
**REOPENED** LA 485, west of I-49, to LA 6 Intersection
LA-491, ¼ mile from the LA-495 intersection
At Exit 119 on I-49: LA 119 (10 miles south of the Natchez area). The exit ramp is closed because of flooding.
**REOPENED** LA-155, north of the Red River Parish line
La 1226, CLOSED From South Side of Saline Bayou, North to the End of Maintenance
LA 480, east of US 71
US 71 at the Winn Parish Line; across Saline Bayou
**REOPENED** LA 1, starting at LA 119 in Natchez, south to the LA 120 Intersection, north and south bound lanes
**REOPENED** LA 486; 2.3 miles from US 71 line

Sabine Parish:

**REOPENED** La 174, east of Converse, in Sabine Parish
**REOPENED** La 473, west of Hornbeck, in Sabine Parish
LA 392 in both directions, Between Charlie Drive and Bahnsen Lane (Hornbeck).

Vernon Parish: 

LA 28, Westbound and Eastbound, Vernon Parish; where LA 28 crosses Bayou Castor; 1.7 miles west of LA 184
**REOPENED** LA 121, Vernon Parish
**REOPENED** La 392, between Log Mile 0.0 to 2.81, in Vernon Parish
**REOPENED** La 464, 1 mile south of Caney, in Vernon Parish
Burr Ferry Bridge over the Sabine River, on LA 8 West, in Vernon Parish
**REOPENED** La 111 at Faircloth Loop, in Vernon Parish

Winn Parish:

**REOPENED** LA 126., 1.6 miles West of US 167, Winn Parish
LA 346; 0.25 Miles East of LA 471 Intersection, Winn Parish
**REOPENED** US 167 North: 0.9 miles north of La 1231-2, in Winn Parish
**REOPENED** La 126, 2 miles west of La 505, in Winn Parish
**REOPENED** US 84 East; 0.4 Miles West of the LA 34 Intersection
**REOPENED** US 84 (west of Winnfield), 1.5 miles west of LA 477
**REOPENED** LA 472, 3.1 miles north of the LA 1230 Intersection
LA 156, 0.7 miles west of the LA 1233 intersection
**REOPENED** LA 1231-2, 0.6 miles east of the US 167 south intersection
**REOPENED** LA 505, 1.5 Miles North of the LA 126 Intersection
**REOPENED** LA-1232
**REOPENED** LA 127, 5.0 miles north of the Caldwell Parish
**REOPENED** La 471, 1.2 Miles South of La 34 Intersection
**REOPENED** La 34: 1.4 Miles South of La 3136 Intersection
**REOPENED** US 84, from Winnfield to Tullos
**REOPENED** LA 1228, 1.3 Miles North of the LA 34 Intersection