Richard Hosts 2nd Annual Football Camp

For Richard, its always been more than football.

This past weekend, he returned to his home town of Alexandria to host his 2nd annual football skills camp. He also brought some of his hometown and NFL friends to show off their elite skills but to also stress the importance of education. Richard says, “Out of all this football stuff, none of it is going to work. None of this athlete stuff will work unless you have the grades. Unless you’re being a caring and positive person. Unless you’re listening to their parents and elders and understanding that they know more than us.”

Richard didn’t have the perfect “Cinderella” story of going to the NFL. Due to a knee injury, the Peabody stand-out was forced to miss his senior year and he also sustained some injuries during his college career at Southern Miss. Bad weather turned up at his pro-day and due to the rainy weather, his performance was limited. Unfortunately, he did not hear his name called at the 2015 NFL Draft. This was only the beginning.

In the meantime, Richard was dedicated to making someone’s roster. Immediately following 3-day tryouts for the Oakland Raiders, they couldn’t pass him up. Now, the underrated running back has been making a name for himself ever since.

Jalen’s priority to himself and his community is to serve. No matter where he goes, he wants kids to understand that no matter the circumstance, its never the end. After asking what would he tell someone who may follow behind him in his shoes, he replies, “Can’t nobody take away from you what God got for you”.