Residents Respond to City Council Funding of Fourth of July Fireworks Display

The first organized Independence Day celebration was in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777.

Every year the City of Alexandria has a recreational tax used to fund community programs.


Last year some City Council members voted against the fireworks celebration.

The cost of the fireworks was expected to cost $15,000.

They said those funds could be used in areas that need it more.


This year the City Council voted to spend $25,000 for fireworks and $5,000 for other entertainment.

City Council President Catherine Davidson requested a copy of the city budget to calculate the cost.

Councilman-At Large Lee Rubin voted for funding fireworks last year.


Some residents enjoy being part of the celebration.

Others believe the money could be spent on other programs.

The City Council is proud to help fund festivities to bring Alexandria closer.


The City of Alexandria will host the fireworks display downtown at the levee on the Fourth of July.