Remembering the Alexandria Aces

The Alexandria Aces was a local baseball team who played their home games at historic Bringhurst Field, built in 1933.

Players and residents still hold on to memories of their favorite pastime.


Hitting the base is a reminder of Brad Turney’s glory days at Bringhurst Field.

Former Aces player Brad Turney is from New Mexico, but he found a home here at the Aces Stadium.

“The cheering and the way the fans got into the game it almost projected out on the field with you as a player. It just made you feel like you were playing for something more than just baseball. Out here, you were playing for the folks in the town.”


He made history on June 27, 2007, when he played all nine positions and defeated Edinburg, 3-2.

“Once I got to second base and Rich Dupree who is the best voice in all of baseball, he was announcing position changes and I think as the game, the people in the stands even the other team, really understood what was going on and the atmosphere in the ballpark completely changed.

Brad misses hearing Rich Dupree announce the Aces games.

Rich Dupree says, “I still have people comment to me from the standpoint of you know, you were the guy who did “Allen Glass” and you were the guy that announced, got the crowd hyped for home runs.   My two boys were eight years old and four years old when I started working here in 1994. They got to know the players and even as 35 and 31 years old today, through social media, they are still connected to the John O’Briens and the Robert Hewes and other players.”


The baseball stadium has been shut down since a fire struck it in 2013.

For years, Grace Christian players used the field for state championships.

“So, losing that kinda hurt everybody. You know, now all the state games are down south but Bringhurst is a phenomenal place and even though we had to share with Bolton, it was still a great time for us to play on that field.”

Now Grace Christian Assistant Athletic Director Josh Brown feels like they have lost a vital piece of history.

“I know there is a water, a small water park in the right field right now but just do something to leave it, because everybody remembers that and now you go by there and it’s really sad to see. Something can be done. Something, there’s just too many memories and too many people that have been on that field.


Grace Christian used to play home games with Bolton High at Bringhurst Field.

Local resident Brenda Barnhart remembers attending those home games.

“I had friends who played on the team and classmates and so we were always at the stadium cheering on the Bolton Bears so go Blue!”

Brenda says the city should take advantage of the stadium’s location to the zoo.

“You could use it for the enhanced community programs like Zoo and You, and things like that, and then the educational animals could be housed there. It would allow for the zoo to expand and incorporate all that property.”

Brenda says expanding the zoo is a cheaper alternative to remodeling the stadium.

Brad Turney hopes they can find a way to give the stadium new meaning.


The Aces Stadium is currently under construction and the City of Alexandria is still exploring options for the stadium.

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