Rapides Women’s and Children’s Hospital Donates Christmas Toys to Foster Children

The Christmas season is the perfect time to give love.

The Rapides Women’s and Children’s Hospital found a way to spread Christmas cheer.


Julie Fontenot and her team believe every child deserves a gift for Christmas.

Administrative Director of Rapides Children’s Hospital Julie Fontenot says, “It’s amazing and it’s such a small thing. It doesn’t take much effort to make Christmas magical for these kids.”


They are proud to partner with the Children’s Advocacy Network to donate toys.

“We would raise awareness for our toy drive, and a lot of our administrators and leaders and employees and physicians here gave money.”


Staff members hand-picked each toy to bring joy to foster children.

“We had the golden opportunity of going to shop for all these toys a couple of days this week and so we love partnering with CASA to help the kids of Central Louisiana.”


CASA Communications and Recruitment Director Mary Hargis says over 300 kids in their care will receive all these wonderful toys.

“It feels really good, and we’re just very, very appreciative of partners in our community who are willing to give back to these kids.”


Hargis says they will have a happy Christmas because of their donations.

“This really means a lot to us just the support from the community and their willingness to help.”


When they open their toys on Christmas, they hope each foster child will feel loved.

The toy drive will be next Friday, December 9th at their Annual Gumbo Open House at 11 AM.