Rapides Regional Medical Center Hosts Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Rapides Regional Medical Center hosted a pumpkin carving contest to celebrate Halloween.

The staff was given a chance to show off their creativity.

The winning staff tells us what inspired them when creating their pumpkin masterpiece.


Registered Nurse Julia Darbonne says, “We started with a little Louisiana history with Marie Laveau and so we decided to go with that, and I wanted to put, make everything we could using the pumpkins so we kinda of went with the theme song and the history of it as where she met Handsome Jack, which you have the picture there where she made him a promise because she was a voodoo queen. So, he promised to marry her. She made him a rich man, but he told her when he got his money, he would not marry her so he disappeared like the rest but as you can see Handsome Jack ended up with the bath towels.”


Julia Darbonne and her team took three weeks to create each part of the pumpkin display.

“So, this is actually, the bones are from a cow bone, it’s a cow spine. Since it’s a night scene we want a hoot owl, so she did that with the pumpkin and she used pumpkin seed to make the feathers on it.”


The Rapides Regional Medical staff created unique pumpkins with different themes.

Julia Darbonne says she enjoys winning, but she loves the process of participating in the contest.

“It’s awesome to win but it was a lot of fun doing it.”


The Rapides Regional Medical Center hopes to keep this tradition alive for next Halloween.