Rapides Parish School Board Responds to Alma Redwine Elementary Concerns of Better Facilities Plan

Four Alexandria schools are set to close under the District 62 Bond if the Better Facilities Plan is approved.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how the Rapides Parish School Board is addressing the public’s concerns.


Less than a year ago, voters approved a $100 million bond issue for District 62, which covers schools in Alexandria.

Alma Redwine PTO President Jackie Bronson says, “When we voted for the feeder program, the feeder program was to keep money at this school in this area.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “But Alma Redwine was supposed to receive those funds for renovations, signage, and equipment.”


But under the Better Facilities Plan, Alma Redwine is being considered for closure.

Rapides Parish Superintendent Jeff Powell says, “When you look at the Alma Redwine and the Horseshoe proposals, we want to provide the best opportunities for our students as we possibly can, and part of that is making sure that we have the most efficient and effective use of all our resources including our facilities.”


If the plan is approved, Alma Redwine students will be rezoned to either Acadian or Martin Park Elementary Schools.

Bronson says, “They have problems getting their kids to school right now so now you want our parents to bus our kids across town again? I don’t think it’s right.”


The PTO President says keeping Alma Redwine open is what’s best for the students.

Rapides Parish Superintendent Jeff Powell says, “We hope to be able to provide an answer to those questions when we see what the board is going to do and everybody has a chance to give input there, it is my duty to come out and communicate with our parents, with our employees, to make sure everybody understands the process that we go through with this.”


It will take 5 out of the 9 school board members to approve of the Better Facilities Plan.

The Rapides Parish School Board has a set a motion to extend the meeting on March 7th to 6:15 PM to consider the Better Facilities Plan.