Rapides Parish School Board Makes Uniform Policy and Teacher Pay Decision

The Rapides Parish School Board discussed teacher pay raises and uniform policy for students.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on what changes the school board made.


The Rapides Parish School Board made a 4 percent salary increase for all employees.

Rapides Parish Superintendent Jeff Powell says, “A strategic plan that we have been implementing over the last several years that has created funds to roll back to our employees in terms of a full-time salary increase.”


The administration is not proposing schools end uniforms at this time. Only small changes to the current uniform policy are being made.

Executive Assistant Superintendent Clyde Washington says, “We added more options for parents, we allow facial hair for male students as long as it’s kept neat and well groomed, we’ve added guidelines for students wearing sweaters in there as well. There’s also where principals have the discretion to designate free dress days.”


They are making belts optional, allowing beards, and adding black polo shirts to the dress code.

The school board is still working on increasing teacher pay.

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