Rapides Parish School Board Celebrates 100 Retired Educators

The Rapides Parish School Board held a retirement reception to recognize 100 educators.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how the community came together to honor them.


Teachers were given certificates to recognize them for their service.

Retired Teacher Connie Taylor says, “It was kind of a hard decision but then an easy decision at the same time. I hated leaving friends behind, acquaintances I had made over the years, leaving the children behind.”


Connie Taylor taught at Lessie Moore Elementary for 23 years, and being a full time grandparent is her retirement plan.

“I started at Slocum Elementary. We moved to Lessie Moore. That’s where God wanted me, to work with the children and I still run into ones that I’ve worked with, and I just love it. There’s nothing like it.”


Taylor says being a full time grandparent is her retirement plan.

“I get to keep my grandbaby now and I can try to make a difference in his life and teach him.”


Those who have been called to teach dedicate their lives to educating students.

Retired Bus Driver Kenneth Avery says, “I enjoyed my 13 years of service and I thank ya’ll for putting up with me.”

ASH Retired Teacher Billy Higgins says about his wife, “I told her I was going to retire, and she said, ‘No you’re not. You’re not going anywhere. I will believe it when I see it.’ There you go. You see it.”

Retired Teacher Cathy Antee says, “It’s been fun, I have loved working and playing all day. That’s why I’ve stayed so long, but it’s nice to be able to go to the house.”


Joseph Martin Jr. spent 23 years as the JROTC instructor for Alexandria Senior High.

“I’ve had the opportunity to influence a whole lot of kids who were going in the wrong directions, and I think, not I think, I know that the Marine Corps JROTC program and all of the JROTC programs have helped a lot of kids to get back on track so they can be more productive.”

Martin says he is leaving school to work with children in his ministry.


The CENLA Retired Teachers’ Association helps educators make an easy transition into retirement.

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