Rapides Parish Fair Livestock Competition Teaches 4-H Students Life Skills

The Rapides Parish Fair will host a livestock competition for 4-H students.

The competition teaches kids how to take care of animals properly and valuable life skills.


Regional Livestock Agent for the LSU AgCenter says, “It teaches them responsibility because they are responsible for these animals’ care, they have to get up in the mornings and feed and take care of the animals when they get home, they have to feed and take care and they have to train these animals what they need to do in the showroom.”


Rodney Johnson says being a part of the competition teaches them the value of hard work.

“Every specie of animal is groomed differently so a lot of that prep work is done at home so when they get to the show, those animals are cleaned, they’re clipped, they’re blow dried, and they are ready to go into the show ring and that takes a lot of work.”


4-H students learn how to grow food, feed animals, and appreciate nature.

“A lot of people think that our food comes from the grocery store but without our livestock producers, we cannot survive. So, we’re teaching them animal husbandry, what they should be feeding, we’re teaching them animal care, health, and things like that.”


4-H students can also work side-by-side with chickens, goats, and rabbits.

“And that’s what I think the big benefit is for these kids is showmanship, and that’s the kid and the animal working together as a team to do those things that they have to do in the show ring.”


Rodney Johnson says kids develop mentally and emotionally when working with animals.

“Just to see that growth in them and the confidence, the communication skills that they develop, is very important.”


Students learn how to compete, take care of animals, and have fun in nature.

Next week, a 4-H student will be highlighted in the livestock competition.