Rapides Library Amendment Would Remove Obscene Books from Children Sections

The Rapides Parish Library Board of Control heard arguments about a controversial amendment that would restrict materials containing obscenity, sexual content including sexual orientation and gender identity from the children’s section.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey was there and has this report.

More than 40 people voiced their opinions on a library amendment that would move materials containing obscenity, sexual content and LGBTQ material away from children sections.

“If you want to lessen homophobia or hated against any marginalized group you have to allow people to encounter other people who are different than them both in real life and in literature and the arts. To eliminate such experience only fosters homophobia, transphobia and other kinds of hate.”

“If you wouldn’t give some of these books to your own grandchildren or hand them out in your neighborhood then why would you put them in the library’s children section so that anybody can stumble across them.”

“So I am opposed to the amendment because it is restrictive and it can result in someone who needs information badly not having a public library source to find it.”

“It’s a book ban that’s part of a coordinated statewide effort for that matter coordinated national attack against LGBTQ people and against LGBTQ kids.”

“It is a parent’s right to direct their children.  It’s not the library’s right.  Train a child in the way in which he should go well when that child comes of age that’s his choice you’ve done your responsibility.  It’s not the library’s place.”

“The opposition is in fact here towards intentionally targeting the children of this parish outside of the control the supervision and the direction of their parents.  That is unacceptable and I urge the board to adopt this resolution.”

“When you paint the LGBTQ community as abhorrent, obscene and dangerous you bear responsibility when a young person who is exploring their identity feels that they must take their own life because they cannot be loved by God.”

“I would just prefer that those types of books and those subjects are moved to some other part of the library where if a parent wants to go and get those and teach their children then they can but not just right next to the little kid’s books.”

“By my kids still being able to see LGBT themed books in those areas they see our family represented.”

The amendment was not voted on instead the board voted 6 to 3 for a substitute motion to delay the vote until the amendment could be further vetted for its constitutionality.