Ransomware Attacks City of Alexandria

Ransomware attack is a serious cyber issue across the nation.

Hackers invaded the City of Alexandria and now considering malware protection.


Ransomware is malware that locks computer data through encryption.

Hackers demand payment from the victim to unlock the data and release control of it.

Peter Nicoletti says 80 percent of the attacks are coming through email.

He says ransomware vendors are getting rich off lack of protection.


He advises businesses to not pay ransomware to restore their systems.

He says the best way to protect yourself is prevention, not detection.


He gives us some tips on how to prevent these cyberattacks:

  • Don’t visit any suspicious websites.
  • Don’t click on phishing emails.
  • Have secure backups.
  • Keep up to date security software.
  • Put protections on all your devices.


When asked who exactly has been affected, the City of Alexandria could not comment.

But they assure the public they are working on resolving their cyber security issues.


The City of Alexandria is still investigating the source of the cyberattack and will send a press release once it’s resolved.